Forum Title: Six Considerations For A Green Roof
Green roofs, especially those that are vegetative roofs have a variety of benefits. They become habitats for birds or even provide new spaces for things like playgrounds at schools. There are certain things to consider before installing one of these roofs. Check out the article below for these considerations.Six Considerations
Category: Roofing Post By: COREY BARRETT (Santa Clarita, CA), 01/17/2018

This was a great article. A lot of people would like to put on one of these green roofs, but they never consider that they have to ready the roof first before installing one.

- Al Perez (Jersey City, NJ), 03/07/2018

It is just like working with any type of roof. There are always extra things to consider before building it. With a green roof there are a lot of other things you have to worry about, such as weight.

- JACQUELINE LONG (Murrieta, CA), 04/05/2018

I guess it does make a lot of sense to take all these other things into consideration when building a green roof. You are putting a lot of things onto the roof so you have to make sure it doesn't leak or collapse.

- CLARA DEAN (Newport Beach, CA), 05/08/2018

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