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Had a story on Channel 9 about a ?roofing? company who got paid by one of the local power companies to coat over 600 shingle roofs in a nearby county. Now the homeowners are finding that wasn?t such a good idea and are replacing roofs right and left. Needless to say the power company is not their friend now, regardless of this ?energy saving? product. Anyway, the I'vestigative reporter snags the company owner (woman) while she?s coming onto her porch with groceries in her arms. He starts gettin? on her case and she snaps??..says the whole matter has been I'vestigated and that the homeowners are just gettin? ripped off by a bunch of roofers who want to install a new roof. She says SHE is the victim here :ohmy: :ohmy: So??.I contact the power company in question (three different reps actually) and try to get an inside track on the story. Only one of them actually calls me back, the other two just email me that they?re not taking on any independent contractors until at least May. So ?Jose? calls me (all their reps have Mesican names) and we get right to it. I ask him if he actually saw the story on TV but he evades the question. I tell him I?d like to help the company out with a solution to their problem because the reporter said some homeowners already hired lawyers :huh: :huh: y'all know how I feel about the legal trade right now, I'll do anything to screw over a lawyer ? ? ?Jose? is playing his cards close and won?t give up anything. Says they only pay the ?independent contractor? involved a set square foot price for the improvement, in other words he admits that the power company paid to have these shingles coated which is what I wanted to hear. I tell him I can help them out as we do a lot of work in this part of the state and are well known for our roof systems. He won?t budge, tells me I have to wait until May to apply for contractor status. I tell him We're already approved contractors for the largest power company in Florida (Progress Energy) and are on approved lists of other companies also. No way Jose??he won?t give it up. So now I'm going over to interview some of the homeowners affected by this little scam. Channel 9 was nice enough to furnish names and locations in their story. I'll keep you posted???should be interesting. JET
Category: Roofing Post By: JOHNNY PERRY (Hamilton, OH), 02/20/2018

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