Forum Title: Painting shingles
Someone called asked me to advice them on this. Instead of replacing the shingles for a different color, she asked how she can go about painting them and having them done this way. We don't offer painting of shingles here.Does anyone offer this? Is it even something that should be a thing? It sounds like it is a bad idea.
Category: Roofing Post By: KRISTIN COHEN (Virginia Beach, VA), 01/01/2018

I‚ve never painted shingles before. It sounds like it would be kind of difficult. It would be a way to make a roof stand out. I can only imagine the neon colors that some people would choose.

- Jack Huxley (Portland, OR), 03/15/2018

Our company doesn't offer it, but I know some that do. Just make sure they use a good paint. Depending on where they are located and weather conditions they will probably have to redo it every 5-7 years. Where problems can start is getting moisture trapped underneath and causing leaks. This can happen with certain coatings.

- MAXINE ESPINOZA (Greenville, NC), 04/02/2018

It is a legit service but if it is done wrong or someone uses the wrong or even cheap paint, it can actually lead to leaking and other issues within the home.

- TINA SULLIVAN (Folsom, CA), 04/15/2018

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