Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Directory Of technicians - Service Tech Forum Forums - On a one story ranch style home you can use a snow rake that is made for roofs. Do this before winter sets in. To be prepared for winter create a list of several Denver Roofers that can provide winter snow removal services. These systems have been proven to save a homeowner at least 30% or more on their energy bills! Hey, that?s all good and well, but we know that it will not eliminate snow from accumulating on the roof. I?ve seen several properties that not only have anchor points installed they also have ropes that are already on their roofs. That?s a great way to prepare your roof for winter. In Denver, Colorado, heavy snow and ice can often damage your roof and cause warping to your rafters and trusses. One sure way to ensure your roof doesn?t gather too much ice and heavy snow is to install something called an attic ventilation system. The safest is option is to hire one of the many Denver Roofers to assist in snow removal. This way all they have to do is fasten into their full body harness than attach the secured rope to the harness. At the end of the day you may not be able to remove this hazard and the only option is to deal with it. The final item to prepare a roof for winter is to install several roof anchor points before at the peak of your roof. I highly advise against climbing on a roof laden with snow. Residential & commercial services - bitumen roof, shake roof, residential metal roofing, vinyl roofing. Now they?re ready to safely tackle snow removal. The only other way to prevent rood damage or a roof collapse is to remove the snow. Attic ventilation systems will allow your attic to circulate air ensuring that the moving air will provide less build up of ice and snow on your roof ..More

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Shingles Buckling? Three Things to Check For

Local commercial contractors - Service Blogs & Faq Pages - Any more than that, and excess moisture begins to cause a problem for your home. So how do your check to see that your attic is correctly ventilated? One of the easiest ways is to place a moisture meter in your attic and measure the amount of condensation and moisture buildup. A Poorly Ventilated Attic. When your attic is not ventilated correctly, moisture builds up and causes the plywood in your roof to swell. So to help prevent this, aim for a ventilation system that is balanced ? with 50% intake and 50% exhaust. When warm air meets cold air, condensation happens. But you also need to consider air flow. Get free estimates - roof leak repair contractors, downspout repair, reroofing a house, tar roof repair. A recommended humidity level is between 35-45%. Buckles can then occur on your roof, or on the underside ? on your attic ceiling ..More

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