High Winds Cause Roof Damage in Denver

Top 10 Best contractors - Ask And Expert - Repair DIY Wikipedia - The temperature changes that have come with the seasonal transitions between winter and spring have caused some turmoil in the skies. Most of the state has seen 55 mile per hour winds, but others across the front range have seen much higher. Parts of the state have seen 100 mile per hour winds at some points. a. The combining hot and cold fronts have caused serious wind storms that are only worsened by the Rocky Mountains in our backyard. These three elements make for windy spring seasons, but this one has been very severe. Denver roofing contractors are continually assisting homeowners that have experienced roof damage from high winds and hailstorms. Although this blog is time sensitive the fact of the matter is every year storms pummel Colorado causing significant amounts of roof damage. These winds have been coming in mostly in gusts, and not consistent, which is whatadifferentiates these winds from actual tornadoes. At any rate, however, these winds are causing serious damage to homes across the state. To put it into perspective, the most mild tornadoes have winds ranging from 70-90 miles per hour. Get free quotes - hail damage roof repair, commercial roof replacement, metal roofing, roof shingles ..More

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Roof Leaks 101

Local emergency contractors - Repair DIY Wikipedia - Get free estimates - standing seam metal roof, architectural shingles, asphalt shingles, solar roof. Over time, the roof itself will succumb to the elements and you will need to repair or replace it. A home?s roof is on the front line, protecting the house from the elements. When the rainy season hits, Columbus homeowners may have some nasty surprises if they haven?t had their roofs inspected and repaired beforehand ..More

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Quick Tips to Help Save on Roof Repair or Replacement

Find certified contractors - Service Tech Blog Forums - Get free estimates - roofing a house, tile roof installation, asphalt shingles installation, roof extension. If something is amiss, they will know how best to address it. They know what to look for and have a good idea of how the roof should look. You may want to hire an expert to handle this task. They also can go beyond a simple visual inspection to uncover deeper problems?sometimes a roof looks OK on top but is rotting beneath the surface ..More

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How To Install A Bathroom Vent Through The Roof

Find emergency contractors - Service Professional Blog Pages - Get free quotes - asphalt shingles, solar roof, roll roofing, rubber roofing. As well, venting that warm, humid air into your attic in the winter causes even more humidity and moisture to collect in the attic, leading to possible damage to your attic, walls, and potentially worse. Now, if you?re thinking about venting into the attic, you?ve got some problems just around the corner. If you?re thinking that you can use an existing vent, or even just vent into the attic, you?ll want to stop right there! If you plan to tap into an existing vent pipe, you could block the venting of the original source and create big problems at that location. You will be venting warm, humid air into your attic which is not a good idea, as it raises the temperature of your attic ..More

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Roofing Tips & Assistance For Homeowners

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